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History Of The Team

The team actually originated in 1963 under the sponsorship of Mr. Tuxedo. The main reason for forming such a ball club was to give many high school players not big enough for college an opportunity to continue using their football talents. The idea of starting the team to later be known as Mr. Tuxedo was conceived by Mr. Dick Nelson who was later joined by Mr. Dave Burke and Mr. Charles (Red) (Tobi) Schmaltz.

These three gentleman then took on the task of building a ball club which would dominate the league from their year 1963 throughout the remainder of the decade. One might say that the birth of this team was the start of something big as the Mr. Tuxedo Team virtually dominated play in the Feldhaus league by turning in an undefeated season.

In the year 1964 again sponsored by Mr. Tuxedo the team turned in a brilliant 9-1 season, hence repeating as champions of the Feldhaus Intermediate (168 lbs. weight limit) league.

It was in the spring of the year 1965 that the team became affiliated with a gentleman that once very definitely considers a true friend. For it was this man who through his love for the game of football wanted to add something extra to enable a group of outstanding young men and athletes to persevere in a game that they dearly loved. This gentleman is Mr. Paul Girten, at that time proprietor of Mt. Airy Shoio. It was through many hours of sacrifice, dedication and hard work on his part that the team was enabled to excel even further.

As our sponsor Paul was instrumental in creating many new ideas for the Feldhaus league. For instance, Mt. Airy was one of the first teams in the league to have complete uniforms. One of the many things involved with being a sponsor is the numerous amount of Public Relations work which he also took on. Mr. Girten was also one of the many persons who contributed to the Annual All Star Game. Mr. Girten had the original idea about an annual All Star Game.

Always looking for something bigger and better for the team Paul organized a trip to Cleveland to meet their City champions . And needless to say this gained even more recognition for the team. As the players and fans who where there can tell you the team and friends made a fine representation. We lost the game by 2 points, but we out drank everybody in town. In any case, the players, coaches and friends that had the honor and privilege of knowing and working with Paul say THANKS.

In 1965 Mr Airy Sohio Team once again repeated as league champions with a record of 12-0. This was the teams third consecutive championship in as many years in the league.

The year 1966 was definitely considered a banner year. Not only did the team repeat as champions with a 9-0 record, but yielded only 6 points to the opposition throughout the season. It was also this year that marked the beginning of the annual Feldhaus League All Starr game which pitted the league All Stars against the league champions. Final score – Mt. Airy Sohio 22 Feldhaus All Stars zip.

The team continued its dynasty of the Feldhaus League in 1967 by posting a perfect 10-0 season, only to be tied by the Feldhaus League All Stars 12-12. Under sponsorship of Mt. Airy Sohio in 65, 66, and 67, the team never tasted defeat.

After 42 straight victories, the bitter taste of defeat was finally experienced by the score of 12-6 in 1968, at the hands of “loveable Bill Smiths” Green Devils. But! On a cold, rainy day in November, the Green Devils paid to the tune of 34-6 and 3 hospital cases for their adultery. The team bounced back after the defeat with a 9-1 record to climax an exciting season and once again clinched the League Championship. It was also during this year the name of the team changed to Girtens Marathon. To round out the season in 1968 Girtens Marathon won the annual All Star game by a score of 28-0.

December 1, 1968 saw Girtens Marathon make its first trip to Cleveland to battle the city champs of that city only to bow to the Cleveland squad 14-12.

The 1969 season was flooded with even a newer wealth of talent, but then so where many of the other teams. An extremely tough schedule saw Girtens Marathon once again prevail victorious by posting a 9-1-1 season and be named city champs for the seventh consecutive year in as many years in the league.

*The above is an excerpt taken from a document received from Timmy Burke. The original document which includes team rosters, bios, and schedules and be viewed by clicking the links below.

Football Document #1 (PDF)
Football Document #2 (PDF)

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